Are international patents worth it?

The United States patent only protects your invention in the US and its territories. So, is it worth the time and money to invest in patents internationally? The answer varies depending on a person’s circumstances. When applying for international patents,

How to find your commercial identity In households around the world company names like Wal-Mart and Apple are commonly known and discussed in relation to what the company distributes and markets. A company name is important for the establishment of

Samsung Electronics has signed a 10-year patent agreement with Cisco Systems as it looks to avoid potential litigation.  This is the third such deal in string of deals that dates back to Google and Ericsson patent deal last month. The

FiftyThree the makers of the widely successful Application in which downloaders, much like the name implies, are given a blank piece of virtual paper to sketch on are upset with Social Media Giant Facebook. On January 30th FiftyThree found out with

Google and Cisco Agree on a Long Term Patent Deal

Two of Silicon Valley’s most well known companies, Google Inc. And Cisco Systems Inc. came to a long-term agreement to license each other’s intellectual property in an attempt to curb the patent Lawsuits that have been plaguing their industry. The

Twitter buys 900 IBM Patents.

It was announced today that Micro blogging internet sensation Twitter Inc. and IBM signed an agreement last month that confirms the purchase of 900 IBM patents by the social media giant. The purchase comes after a dispute between the two

The Different Types of Trademarks

If your reading this you probably have an interest in Trademarks and have a general sense of what one is, but for those of  you who don’t know, a trademark is a distinctive word, phrase, logo, symbol , slogan or

The Three types of Patents

If you are someone who is interested in attaining a patent then it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge and understanding to best protect your product A patent is the most common, effective, and valuable intellectual property right

Kenny Chesney filed a copyright Law suit this week against a merchandising company that allegedly used his name and logo without his consent. The company reportedly produced T-shirts with Chesney’s name and his trademarked logo of a guitar leaning against

After reaching a $578 Million Dollar deal last year with the Sapphire glass manufacturer, the maker of the seemingly ubiquitous iPhone, Apple Inc. was approved for a patent Thursday that will potentially make it a world leader in display technology.

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