Arizona may be entitled to millions of dollars due to the latest Apple antitrust case. Apple’s antitrust lawsuit The United States filed a lawsuit against Apple and five of the nation’s largest publishers (i.e., Penguin Group Inc., Hachette Book Group,

From Π. to ‘I<3’

  Paul Ingrisano, an artist in Brooklyn, strikes again. The 26-year-old had quietly claimed the rights to the Greek mathematical symbol, Pi (Π) and now is going for the loving text message short hand “I<3”. Claiming Pi The young artist

Beats Electronics, the company that produces headphones with the red “b” logo on the side and which Dr. Dre co-founded, is suing a group of Chinese based websites for counterfeiting their product. Fake Beats The counterfeited websites have cheaply reproducing

The U.S. electric car company, Tesla Motors Inc., is facing trademark infringement allegations in China. This suit is bringing CEO Elon Musk’s hopes and ambitions of becoming the world’s largest auto market to a crashing halt. There had been a

Katy Perry is no new name to the top 10 music charts. In fact, she has topped the charts in nearly 20 countries for one song: Dark Horse. But could all the success of this song be stolen? According to

While Vine might be the fastest way to split and share an online moment of the World Cup, it may also be the fastest way to earn a legal threat from individuals who own the rights to the soccer championship

On July 3rd of 2014, heirs of John Wayne filed a lawsuit against Duke University for rights to trademark the name “Duke” on alcoholic products. History Leading Up to Lawsuit The complaint that was filed by John Wayne Enterprises discusses that they

Apple Inc. Involved in More Patent Infringement Cases

Apple Incorporation is dealing with an ongoing patent infringement lawsuit which is now being heard in a federal trial. Apple Inc . was sued by Emblaze Ltd., an Israeli software company, which claims to have issued a patent in 2002 directed

Pitbull Accused of Copyright Infringement

Three songwriters are claiming Pitbull’s smash hit ‘Timber’ liberally borrows from their 1978 song ‘San Francisco Bay.’ They are requesting millions for copyright infringement. Lee Oskar, Keri Oskar, and Greg Errico claim that the harmonica riff in Pitbull and Ke$ha’s

Katz’s Deli Sues Again

For the second time in three months, New York’s famed Katz’s Deli is going to court to guard its valuable name. This Lower East Side restaurant is taking another restaurant in Florida to court. Not too long ago, Katz’s Deli

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