Mickey Mouse has been an icon since 1928, but a possible trademark has The Walt Disney Co. concerned for their mouse friend. The Walk Disney Co. is asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to refuse a trademark filed by

It’s no surprise that celebrities have their private business made public more than the rest of the population. For some, this private business includes nude photos. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were two of many starlettes whose intimate

Lately, individuals have not been able to open their social media accounts without witnessing another ALS ice bucket challenge. It seems everyone is participating. In fact, with the help of the challenge, the ALS Association has been able to raise

Jay Z and Kanye West, along with Frank Ocean, collaborated for the song “Made in America” on the Watch the Throne album. After resent accusations, it seems the throne might be in trouble! Jay Z and Kanye Sued The two

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently conducted a survey that revealed nearly half of all federal trademarks are at least partially illegitimate. The Survey 500 trademark registrations were analyzed in the survey and half of these registrations contained false

It turns out Wikipedia is leading the movement for animal rights…or so it would seem after they claimed a macaque monkey owns the copyright to its own picture. Monkey Business This monkey selfie occurred in Indonesia while David Slater, a

In 2006, a Seattle artist designed a pet toy line for the company known as Hartz. Juli Adams had designed these plush toy animals and called them “Angry Birds.” Three years later, in 2009, an addictive video game was launched,

The lingerie company, Victoria’s Secret faced troubles as they expanded into the UK market. In 2004, the lingerie company launched the “college girls” brand known as Pink in the US. In 2012, Victoria’s Secret expanded their Pink brand to the

The global soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, is extremely well-known to soccer enthusiasts around the world, with his notoriety expanding even more after the recent World Cup tournament. By many of his fans he is known by the shorthand CR7, this

Many companies attempting to enter the Chinese market quickly reach a roadblock due to trademark “squatters.” These individuals target thriving brands in other countries and register them as a trademark in China. When these companies then expand to China, they

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