The global soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, is extremely well-known to soccer enthusiasts around the world, with his notoriety expanding even more after the recent World Cup tournament. By many of his fans he is known by the shorthand CR7, this

Many companies attempting to enter the Chinese market quickly reach a roadblock due to trademark “squatters.” These individuals target thriving brands in other countries and register them as a trademark in China. When these companies then expand to China, they

Kanye Bringing in the Coin for “Coinye” Trademark

While many might believe it would be Kanye West’s dream to have his face on currency, according to a recent trademark case that is not correct. Back in January a form of digital currency was launched known as “Coinye West.”

YouTube Star Sued Over Copyright

Michelle Phan, a YouTube entrepreneur, is being taken to court for alleged copyright infringement in her videos. Ultra Records, who includes musicians like Kaskade, deadmau5 and Calvin Harris, claims Phan has used approximately 50 of their songs and never obtained

English Bar Infringed on Copyrighted Music

In England, a decision by their High Court determined that a Bristol bar will need to pay thousands of dollars for playing copyrighted music without the permission of a music royalty company.  The fine was about three thousand dollars and the music

The musical television show, Glee recently lost a trademark battle in the UK. The Fox show has been ordered to “cease naming” the series ‘Glee’ in the UK. ‘The Glee Club’ In 1999, ten years before the airing of Glee,

A patent application was recently filed by Airbus that has travelers thinking maybe the tiny seats in coach are not so bad after all. The patent application has the ability to make even the smallest plane seating look luxurious. The

Any student, alumni, or fan of Utah State basketball is familiar with the invigorating chant “I believe that we will win.” However, it looks like the chant will be heard in a new type of court this offseason as San

Non-profit Organizations suing for Trademark Infringement

The Patriot Guard Riders Inc. is a non-profit group that escorts military funerals and serve as a blockade between mourners and the Westboro Baptist Church and they are based in Oklahoma. They recently filed a lawsuit against Michigan Patriot Guard Inc. in

Arizona may be entitled to millions of dollars due to the latest Apple antitrust case. Apple’s antitrust lawsuit The United States filed a lawsuit against Apple and five of the nation’s largest publishers (i.e., Penguin Group Inc., Hachette Book Group,

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