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Family law issues, such as divorce or child custody, can be financially and emotionally draining on you and your family. We understand that each case is unique and requires tailored guidance. If you are experiencing difficult family legal issues you deserve a family law attorney that is skilled and dedicated to stand by your side.

Our dedicated Arizona family law team works hard to provide its clients with exceptional customer service. Arizona family law attorneys Timothy Durkin, Jon McAvoy, and family law paralegal Barbara Patterson, have over 30 years experience with a variety of family issues. No matter what the situation, the family law department at JacksonWhite can help you through the process with complete confidentiality and sensitivity. We care about our clients!

Get to Know Tim in His Own Words

Why do I practice family law? In short, because it matters. It matters to my clients to know that their attorney is dedicated to their cause, is a fierce advocate of their rights, is a skillful negotiator of their positions, a persuasive litigator of their case, and a seasoned practitioner of family law. It matters to my clients to know that their attorney “gets it;” not just the law, the issues, the judges, and opposing counsel, but understands them; that they are going through one of the most difficult and emotional turmoils in their life. It matters to my clients to know these things, and therefore, the effective practice of family law matters to me.

Get to Know Jon in His Own Words

Why do I practice family law?  Being an attorney is about helping clients through hard situations.  I have family members who have gone through divorces and custody battles, so I know that more than any other legal practice area, a family law dispute is hard—it is hard on emotions, personal relationships, and finances, and it is even hard to find the time in life to deal with the dispute.  Although family law disputes will never be easy, as an attorney, I have the opportunity to help make the dispute easier.  This starts with getting to know each of my clients, listening to their stories and concerns, helping them understand their rights, and helping them develop a plan to manage the dispute.  If litigation becomes protracted, I continue to make the dispute easier on my clients’ because they know that they have a qualified attorney who will aggressively advocate for their rights.  When the dispute is over, it is fulfilling to look back and know that I helped my client through a very hard and traumatic chapter in that client’s life.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“After a huge success, I have found that the qualities displayed between this team are not only unique but extremely rare. My recommendation as a professional and as a parent would be to stay with these highly qualified individuals.” SP

“I was very pleased with the services that I received from Tim Durkin and his paralegal Barbara Patterson. They made me feel as though I was their only client, and they treated me with the best care possible.” MC

Professional Assistance

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance Cases
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity Actions
  • Tax issues incident to divorce and legal separation

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