Fighting During a Divorce Can Harm Your Relationships with Your Children

While it is completely understandable to have hostile emotions against your spouse during your divorce, it is important to consider that the two of you are still parenting partners. The relationship you project as parents will have an affect on the relationship that your children have with both of you.

It will be most beneficial for your family if you respect each other around your children.

Respect During the Divorce Process

This means respecting the other parent whether or not they are in the same room. Talking poorly about your spouse to your children can have seriously damaging affects, even if you are only venting in the heat of your emotions.

Don’t discuss these feelings with your children. Call a friend or a family member. Even though you may be angry with your spouse, they don’t deserve to be slandered in front of their own children.

Negotiating a Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is painful for everyone. The better the two of you can negotiate during the process, the less agony there will be for you, your spouse, and your children. Divorce can have scarring effects on children, which can be avoided completely if the parents work together with respect.

If you are going through a distressing divorce and are worried about how it’s affecting your children, contact the family law team at JacksonWhite to discuss divorce collaboration. Our skilled and experienced attorneys can offer you legal solutions with you and your family’s priorities and interests in mind.

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