Received discharge, then got harassed by the mortgage company trying to collect on the debt. You have rights!

Often times, creditors do not acknowledge the Bankruptcy Discharge Order that was entered in a bankruptcy case. If you have filed bankruptcy, received your discharge and are still being harassed by a creditor whose debt was discharged in your bankruptcy, this is a violation of the discharge and it is illegal. Moreover, if you recently pulled your credit after your bankruptcy discharge and a creditor that was discharged in your case is still reporting negatively on your credit report, then you may also have additional actions to bring against that entity.

If you are trying to buy a car or house after a bankruptcy and the loan officer informs you that you have negative reporting on your credit report from debts discharged in your prior bankruptcy case, you should waste no time in contacting a knowledgeable attorney.

I offer a free bankrutpcy consultation where we can discuss your specific situation. I can be reached at (480) 422-3440.

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